Totoro Purse!

Totoro purse cover

Totoro, that fat,happy, animated Miyazaki forest spirit, has always been a favorite of mine. To match my hoodie, beanie, and various stuffed animals, I decided to make a Totoro-themed purse to a hold a Polaroid camera that was recently gifted to me. Continue reading


How to Add Thumbholes to a Shirt

diy thumbholes cover

My friend recently asked me to add thumbholes to one of his shirts, and I thought I’d share with you guys how I did it! It’s a quick and simple modification and is great for extra long shirt sleeves.¬†Keep your hands warm even when you forget your gloves ūüėÄ Continue reading

DIY Penguin Holiday Bag

penguin bag cover edited

Put the finishing touch on your holiday gifts with a soft, cozy, and cute drawstring gift bag!  This penguin bag is a simple and practical way to transform an ordinary gift into something special and make the perfect gift that much more unique. This project is easily handsewable and takes about 30 min from start to finish.

Continue reading

T-Shirt Transformation: DIY Sailor Girl Uniform

As Halloween approaches (only 1 week left guys!), I want to share a tutorial that uses very basic materials and is relatively quick and simple.  This sailor girl uniform only requires two tshirts; no super fancy fabrics or materials required! You can make this a cute and girly costume, or you can unleash your inner Japanese horror movie, Grudge-style schoolgirl. Continue reading

DIY Hershey’s Kiss Costume Tutorial

My first installment of my Halloween costume series is a very cute, very fluffy Hershey’s Kiss bubble dress! Halloween is all about delicious candy, and what could be more girly and sweet than a Hershey’s Kiss? ¬†I also know what a struggle it is to look both cute and warm during this holiday, so this dress is designed with multiple layers for warmth and can also be paired with leggings or long socks. ¬†Because this is the most complicated tutorial of the series, I’m posting it first to give you guys enough time to get sewing! ¬† Continue reading

Halloween Costume Tutorial Series

halloween announcement

As September draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about Halloween! Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. ¬†Whether my costume was frightening, beautiful, or scandalous, nobody could judge me because Halloween gave me the freedom to be whatever I wanted. ¬†As a high schooler, this really meant a lot; on this one day, the critical eyes of my classmates and the regimented dress code couldn’t touch me. ¬†Because Halloween is such an exciting day for me, I’ll be uploading a weekly Halloween costume series to share my excitement with you! ¬†The tutorials will range from beginner to advanced, so all skill levels are welcome. ¬†I have various costumes planned, but if you have any requests, please feel free to let me know!

Happy costuming, guys!

Gintama “Elizabeth” Snoodie

gintama elizabeth 2

This snoodie is probably one of the funniest and oddest¬†things that I have ever made. ¬†I made it in honor of a friend’s birthday, and it was inspired by one of her favorite characters, Elizabeth, from the anime Gintama. ¬†I thought it would be funny if it looks like Elizabeth is¬†eating your face when the hood is on, and the end result was an interesting snood hoodie ūüôā Continue reading