DIY Tuxedo Heart Valentine

tuxedo heart cover edited

For all you last minute DIYers, here is a unique little Valentine’s Day project to show some love to all the important people in your life! This charming tuxedo heart neatly holds a small message and adds a personal touch to any box of chocolates. In fact, it’s so cute and classy it’s probably better dressed than your date ūüėÄ Continue reading


Versatile Blogger Award!

versatile blogger

I’m honored to be nominated for the¬†Versatile Blogger Award from the lovely Lauren who has an awesome blog called Trend-mix! She posts a really great variety¬†of DIY fashion tutorials which are fun and easy to follow, so you should definitely check out her blog ūüôā Continue reading

Knit Scarf – Complete!

knit scarf - complete

I have to admit, this project drove me a little bit crazy because I am not an exceptionally patient person, and the scarf seemed to go on forever and ever. I knit through 2 seasons of 2 different TV shows, one movie, a flight to the Domenican Republic, a flight back from the Domenican, and about 3 re-runs of my Spotify playlist before this scarf was completely knitted. It ended up being about my height when I finished, and I was overall pretty satisfied with the result. Continue reading

DIY Fabric Decor Notebooks

fabric decor notebooks

Cuter school supplies motivate me to study harder- it’s true! ¬†Sadly, my campus bookstore only has over-priced notebooks in unattractive shades of black and blue. So, in an effort to make my notebooks a bit cuter and to procrastinate on doing actual homework, I¬†was inspired to make a tutorial on how to create these¬†simple fabric notebook labels. Use these pretty labels to organize and encourage¬†yourself for a new academic semester! Continue reading