How to Insert Cord/Elastic

Your pants are too loose so you want to add an elastic band; you’re making a hoodie and want a drawstring around the hood. To do these things, you need to know how to insert elastic or a cord into a fabric casing.


1. The difficult part about inserting a cord/elastic is that it’s too floppy so you can’t push it through the casing. To solve this problem, attach a bobby pin to the end of the cord/elastic.


2. Poke the bobby pin into the casing


3. Gently push the bobby pin through the casing, feeling it with your fingers and guiding it along.


4. Pull the bobby pin out the other side of the casing. Do not unclip the bobby pin until you are sure the cord/elastic is securely out of the casing and will not slip back in. Otherwise, you’ll have to pull it out and start over đŸ˜¦


The bobby pin trick is quick and easy, and now my hoodie has a drawstring encased!



3 thoughts on “How to Insert Cord/Elastic

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