Too-short Dress to Skirt

Between the age of 15 and 16, I grew about 6 inches and so I just have a bunch of dresses at home that are just too short. They are super cute and I love their fabric and patterns, but when I try them on they cover about half my butt and no more. So what better to do than to transform these dresses into skirts? I still get the cute patterns, and by lowering the waistline, they are now an appropriate and comfortable length!

This specific dress was a hand me down from my sister and has a beautiful grey lace fabric with lavender lining. Originally, I was planning on turning it into a two piece cropped dress (a la Taylor Swift), but it didn’t look right after I separated the pieces.  Continue reading


Ciao, tutti!


I’m super excited to announce that I’m out of the country and studying abroad in Italy for the next 10 weeks! But while this is pretty great for me, my posting schedule is likely to be a bit random because my sewing machine is sadly not the most convenient travel buddy. It’s going to be a bit harder for me to design DIY projects, but I’ll continue to post sewing/DIY advice along with inspiration. And there is so much inspiration in Florence! I am bursting with ideas for future projects inspired by the street art, Renaissance buildings, and local fashion, and I can’t wait to share them with you guys when I get back to my sewing supplies!

Meanwhile, if you would like to follow my bounce around Italy and read my non-DIY posts (I’d be flattered!), you can check out my travel blog

Halloween Costume Tutorial Series

halloween announcement

As September draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about Halloween! Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday.  Whether my costume was frightening, beautiful, or scandalous, nobody could judge me because Halloween gave me the freedom to be whatever I wanted.  As a high schooler, this really meant a lot; on this one day, the critical eyes of my classmates and the regimented dress code couldn’t touch me.  Because Halloween is such an exciting day for me, I’ll be uploading a weekly Halloween costume series to share my excitement with you!  The tutorials will range from beginner to advanced, so all skill levels are welcome.  I have various costumes planned, but if you have any requests, please feel free to let me know!

Happy costuming, guys!

“Talk Music to Me” Jacket

piano hoodie cover edited

After a month of being overseas, I am finally able to get back and start sewing again! My first project of the summer is a white zip-up hoodie with a piano design on the back.  It is quite similar to this hoodie I made a few months ago, but I made a few improvements this time around.   Continue reading