About Me

cropped standing totoro

Who am I?

My name is Hali and I am currently a student at Stanford studying Economics and Computer Science with a minor in Classics. I’m enjoying my last year as a Master’s student before getting ready for the real world!

What is Softwearhacks?

Softwearhacks aims to teach complete beginners how to sew. I began sewing in 8th grade for a Latin project, and I noticed there was a lack of collected resources for beginners. Thus, Softwearhacks was born as a Computer Science project the spring of my freshman year.

What can you find on this lovely corner of the Internet?

Tips, tutorials, inspiration, and experimentation – click around for basic guides, advice about materials, a variety of tutorials, and displays of my current sewing projects. You’re likely to find a whole lot of cute things and re-fashion ideas, since those happen to make my heart tick.

Why do I sew and DIY?

I know on the list of practical, job-finding skills, sewing is not up there (in fact, there’s quite a few non-practical skills I enjoy, such as Latin and archery). But when I sew, I can create whatever I want, make mistakes without (too big) regrets, and every stitch helps me learn a little more. And learning is important to me since it keeps my brain from shriveling up 🙂

Social Media

Want to see more of Softwearhacks?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/softwearhacks/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/softwearhacks

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/softwearhacks/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTuUCrZWRDcav8Qwfwdb17Q

Tumblr: http://softwearhacks.tumblr.com/

Picture credits to my friend Ashley, whose drawings can be found here. As pictured, my Totoro hoodie is one of my favorite things I’ve made and the first time I really tried experimenting with my own sewing designs 🙂


17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey thanks for commenting, I think your blog will come in handy for me. 🙂 And good luck at Stanford, freshman year is always the time of the most challenges but I got through it! But enjoy it, I am almost finished and I know I will miss all of it!


    • Thanks for dropping by! I hope you’ll find softwearhacks useful in the future 😀

      Oops I should probably update this to say that I’m about to start my sophomore year! But I agree, freshman year ended up being tougher (but also more amazing) than I imagined. I’m actually mildly terrified about the reality that comes after college 😛


      • My advice immediately after college is go travel! Although I did it backwards and now I am 21 with 2 more years ahead of me, the upside is I don’t feel pretty comfortable for what comes after college because I know what I want to do. Travel has that affect. 🙂


    • I came into college vaguely thinking that I wanted to study Classics and maybe Economics, but my school has a pretty strong tech culture and that convinced me to try Computer Science! It was a pretty big leap in interests, but now I’m trying to find the intersection between these three subjects and just humanities and tech in general. Still struggling to decide what I want to major/minor in though! 😀

      What about you?


  2. Hi Hali,

    thank you very much for liking my recent post “Felt Sushi Maki Rolls” (https://meandmyveritas.wordpress.com/2014/12/21/felt-sushi-maki-rolls/), for your super sweet comment, and for following me. As you will see, I am following you now, too, because your blog is just lovely and our interests and styles are so similar. Look, we even have almost the same WordPress theme. 🙂 The posts you are providing in the basics/materials/tutorials sections are such a great source of inspirations! Thanks again, best wishes, and please stop by again in the future,


    PS: Your friend did a great job with the avatar!


    • Jana, thanks for visiting softwearhacks and leaving such lovely comments. I hope you’ll continue to find my posts helpful, and I am definitely looking forward to learning from your projects as well 🙂


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