DIY Patterned Pocket Tee Tutorial

pocket tee cover edited What better thing to do when you don’t feel like studying? Teach your friend how to make pocket tees! My friend who is into streetwear recently asked me to teach him how to sew colorful pocket tees, and I thought it would be a great tutorial to share since it’s simple and great for both girls and guys. It’s also an easy to way to add some color to an old shirt, especially since spring is on its way! pocket tee materials edited Grab an old T-shirt and some pretty fabric, and you’re ready to begin sewing! I would recommend cotton or T-shirt fabric, as they don’t fray very much when you are hemming. I’ve also made a neat little pocket tee pattern (so organized and downloadable!) to help you guys find your perfect pocket size. pocket tee instructions edited 1. Cut out the pattern piece (download this pocket tee pattern if you didn’t see the link above) and print it on 8.5 by 11 paper. Place your pocket cut-out on your T-shirt and make sure that it is the right size. 2. Place the pocket piece on your fabric and cut around, making sure to leave a 1/4-1/2 inch seam allowance. 3. Fold the edges backwards and hem all around. We decided to use black thread to provide contrast and match it with the shirt sleeves! 4. Sew the pocket to the shirt. If you want the pocket to actually be functional, I definitely would not recommend sewing down the top edge. And that’s it! This is definitely a simple way to dress up an old T-shirt, and there are so many cool fabrics you can use. It’s also a really great beginner project, especially if you’re practicing sewing just a simple straight stitch. I definitely had a lot of fun watching my friend learn (read: struggle with) how to use a needle. If you don’t know where to find fabric, you can check out my previous post about where I like to shop 🙂


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