Lunar New Year DIY: Dumpling Plushes

dumpling plush cover

Happy Lunar New Year! For me, this time of year is always filled with special memories of family, delicious food, and red pouches filled with money (mmm yes all the money). One of my favorite traditions is making dumplings with my family. These juicy, succulent treats are my dad’s special recipe, and I am especially talented at eating an inappropriately large amount of them. Since I’m now far from home and have to settle for frozen, dining hall knock-off versions, I decided to celebrate the New Year with my own cute plushie version and wanted to share a tutorial with you guys!

dumpling materials edited

You’ll need very basic materials for this project, and each dumpling took me about 10 minutes to complete. I was actually really surprised how easy they were to make!

dumpling instructions edited

1. Cut a half oval along the fold of your fabric. Mine was about 6 inches long and 4 inches wide.

2. Make four pleats on one half of your oval. Two large pleats should be centered in the middle. The remaining two pleats should be on either side of the large pleats, and should be angled towards the center so your dumpling will form a curved shape. Secure the pleats by making a stitch along each fold.

3. Stuff your dumpling and imagine that you’re actually making delicious pot stickers!

4. Fold the non-pleated side of the oval up so that it follows the curve of the dumpling. Stitch all along the edge.

I love this project because sewing each dumpling plush reminded me a lot of making a real dumpling. They actually turned out much prettier than any dumpling I’ve actually made in real life, and they gave me some serious cravings for my dad’s cooking!

Even if you don’t celebrate this holiday, I hope you guys have a day filled with joy and family. Happy year of the ram!


4 thoughts on “Lunar New Year DIY: Dumpling Plushes

    • Thanks so much! I’m actually a bit of procrastinator when it comes to crafting so I made these the night right before Chinese New Year. Hopefully you can try them out next year though! 😀


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