DIY Tuxedo Heart Valentine

tuxedo heart cover edited

For all you last minute DIYers, here is a unique little Valentine’s Day project to show some love to all the important people in your life! This charming tuxedo heart neatly holds a small message and adds a personal touch to any box of chocolates. In fact, it’s so cute and classy it’s probably better dressed than your date πŸ˜€

tuxedo heart materials edited

You’ll need very little fabric and minimal sewing for this project. If you’re feeling pressed for time, this DIY will still work even if you decide to glue instead of sew – hurray for no-sew projects! The estimated time is 15 – 20 min, which isn’t too much to spend to show someone a little love πŸ˜‰

tuxedo heart instructions edited2

1. Cut out two hearts from your white fleece. I did this by folding a rectangle in half and then in half again, and then cutting out half a heart along the fold.

2. Following your white heart, cut out a black fleece piece for your tuxedo jacket. Make sure to have a dip in the middle!

3. Pinch the center of a small rectangle of fleece to create a small bow.

4.Stitch (or glue) the bow onto your black piece. Do not attach the black piece to the white heart!

5. Place the two hearts right sides facing together, and sew all around. Make sure to leave a gap so you can turn your heart right side out and then stuff it.

6. Stuff the heart with…. love! (Just kidding, I used fabric scraps). For an extra touch, I hot glued on some pearl beads as buttons.

tuxedo heart folded note edited

Your tuxedo heart valentine is ready to be gifted! Because the top of the black tuxedo is not attached to the heart, you can slip in a loving message ❀ Or you can be like me and slip in sassy little messages instead; we all have our own ways of showing love πŸ˜›


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