Friendship Cards


I am not a particularly sentimental person, but, for some reason, the start of 2015 hit me with a sudden, strong urge to tell my friends that they are decent human beings who make my life better in every way – which can be a surprisingly hard message to convey with everyday actions.

2014 was an emotionally charged year – the start of college brought a flood of changes as I moved across the country, separating from many friends who I had grown up with. I’m sure you guys have felt that strange uncertainty of being in a new place, that feeling of being surrounded by people who have no idea who you are. Quite frankly, it was terrifying.

Of course there was the generic parade of conversations that began “Hi I’m [not sure if you’ll remember my name], I’m thinking about studying [like I actually know, I just got here two days ago]. I’m from [home! Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be from here, too?]. So great to meet you!”

But as I searched for familiarity among the strangeness and muddled greetings, I was lucky enough to find kindness and understanding. I met friends who I have shared both crazy, wild nights that leave me laughing and rolling on the roof of my dorm and deep, thoughtful conversations that peel open my insecurities and worries.

So as 2014 and a particularly difficult quarter drew to an end, I realized just how much I needed my friends this year. To thank them, I decided to give them back a small piece of the memories and love they had shared with me. And of course, I had to do it through something handmade!IMG_5385

The cards are a pretty simple concept; on one side I wrote a note, and on the other side, I pasted a sentimental picture. I felt that cards were the best way to openly and honestly convey my thanks. I personalized each card with references to inside jokes and conversations.


Asian stickers are ridiculously cute and also come with the most hilariously wrong English phrases

I used card stock for durability, and I sealed each envelope with a cute sticker that I brought back from Asia. Thanks to holiday discounts, I was able to buy most of my supplies at Michael’s.


Sealed with love and a sticker that calls sushi a fruit.

Each card took about 30min – 1 hour to make, and I have to admit the hardest part was deciding what to write in the note.

It can be difficult at times to tell the people who matter just how important they are, perhaps because showing emotion is also a way of revealing vulnerability. Admitting that I care and sharing my feelings can often make me squirm with discomfort, but I think true friends deserve to know how special they are – which is something that has taken me a while to realize but is probably the most important thing that college has taught me 🙂


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