Knit Scarf – Complete!

knit scarf - complete

I have to admit, this project drove me a little bit crazy because I am not an exceptionally patient person, and the scarf seemed to go on forever and ever. I knit through 2 seasons of 2 different TV shows, one movie, a flight to the Domenican Republic, a flight back from the Domenican, and about 3 re-runs of my Spotify playlist before this scarf was completely knitted. It ended up being about my height when I finished, and I was overall pretty satisfied with the result.

I have a previous post detailing the start of my knitting journey, back before I realized how much of my winter break would be dedicated to this scarf.

I chose a simple pattern alternating knitting and purling with a nice navy and cream color scheme, since I felt that it would be masculine enough to give to a guy. Because I didn’t want it to be too chunky, I used number 8 needles with medium yarn. Little did I know that medium yarn goes so much slower than chunky yarn.


I got so caught up in the project that I even knitted on the beach! I definitely was that strange girl knitting by the pool.

At the beginning, I would somehow add stitches as I knitted. I started by casting 45 stitches, but a few inches in, I ended up with 52 stitches! It was very odd, but I managed to fix this problem by combining some of the stitches.


See the difference between left and right?

You can see the uneven parts of my knitting very clearly on the first cream stripe I knit. The final cream stripe looks much better, and I think it is a way of marking my progress.

I think the most important thing I learned from this project was to relax. At first, my stitches were so tight I couldn’t even fit the needle through. Maybe relaxing is a lesson I could apply to my everyday life as well?


Ready to be wrapped and gifted with love ❤

I gave this scarf to my friend a week ago, and I think he likes it because I see him wearing it often. Or maybe he’s just being polite. Either way, it makes me really happy when I see him around campus with the scarf!


2 thoughts on “Knit Scarf – Complete!

  1. You can be very proud, because you finished the project even though it took you forever. Good job. Just look at it! It is awesome. The tiny differences in the stripes just make the scarf unique and personal. No wonder your friend is wearing it all the time. But, for sure, people were thinking you are weird… Knitting a scarf at the beach… Hahaha. Very funny! Nice pic though! Cheers, Jana


    • Jana, thank you so much for your encouragement! I really did have a good time making this scarf. I’m even starting another one right now because I find it helps me relax at the end of a busy day 😀


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