DIY Fabric Decor Notebooks

fabric decor notebooks

Cuter school supplies motivate me to study harder- it’s true!  Sadly, my campus bookstore only has over-priced notebooks in unattractive shades of black and blue. So, in an effort to make my notebooks a bit cuter and to procrastinate on doing actual homework, I was inspired to make a tutorial on how to create these simple fabric notebook labels. Use these pretty labels to organize and encourage yourself for a new academic semester!notebook decor materials list

You don’t need that much fabric for this project, and each notebook takes about 15 minutes. It’s a perfect study break/procrastination technique 😛

notebook decor instructions edited

1. Cut out a rectangle from your fabric that fits on the cover of your notebook.

2. To prevent fraying, hot glue hem the fabric by rolling and then gluing down the edges.

3. Cut out a piece of paper that is slightly smaller than your fabric.

4. Label the paper with the appropriate subject. You can either print out labels or freehand it like I did 🙂

5. Hot glue the paper to the fabric. Spread the hot glue evenly along the back of the paper, working quickly to make sure the glue does not cool down.

6. Hot glue the fabric to the notebook. Run the glue gun along the edges of the fabric to make sure it’s firmly secured.

The most important things to keep in mind for this project is to make sure the glue is spread out, especially along the edges, and that you work quickly so the glue doesn’t cool down. Doing so will help your fabric decor last for the rest of the school year!

One of my goals for 2015 is to be a bit more organized with my class materials, and I’m hoping this will help me out.


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