How to Add Thumbholes to a Shirt

diy thumbholes cover

My friend recently asked me to add thumbholes to one of his shirts, and I thought I’d share with you guys how I did it! It’s a quick and simple modification and is great for extra long shirt sleeves. Keep your hands warm even when you forget your gloves 😀

materials thumbholes edited

All you’ll need for this project is a long-sleeved shirt, scissors, a needle, and thread! It’s a perfect handsewable project. For the thread, I would either recommend a color that matches your shirt or a fun accent color. I decided on bright yellow because it fit in well with the yellow bells on the shirt.

thumbholes instructions edited 2

1. Starting about .5 inches from the edge of the shirt sleeve, measure 2 – 2.5 inches along the seam of the sleeve. Mark with pen or chalk.

2. Carefully rip out the sleeve seam along the marked distance

3. At the top and bottom of the newly created hole, sew 3 whip stitches in place perpendicular to the seam. This will prevent additional seams from ripping out, so the thumbhole will not get bigger than you want it to be.

4. Hem the thumbhole by folding the raw edges inward and securing with a straight stitch all around. I found it helpful to turn the sleeve inside out so I knew exactly how much seam allowance I had.

wing embroidery

To make the thumbholes unique, I embroidered wings along the border of the thumbholes so it looks like the thumbs have little wings  🙂

I hope you guys enjoy this quick tutorial to revamp an old shirt. Keep your hands nice and toasty this winter ❤


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