DIY Penguin Holiday Bag

penguin bag cover edited

Put the finishing touch on your holiday gifts with a soft, cozy, and cute drawstring gift bag!  This penguin bag is a simple and practical way to transform an ordinary gift into something special and make the perfect gift that much more unique. This project is easily handsewable and takes about 30 min from start to finish.

materials edited

I’ll be making these bags to wrap chocolate bars for my friends.  They make the chocolates so much more personalized.

I also made one to hold my friend’s iClicker because she loves penguins! So lovely and practical 🙂

penguin bag steps edited

1. Cut out two black rectangles measured to fit your gift. Leaves 1 extra inch on each side and 1 inch extra inch on the bottom. Be sure to leave 2 extra inches at the top to create the casing for the drawstring.

2. Cut out a white rectangle that is 2 inches shorter than the black rectangles. Fold in half and trim to make the top heart-shaped for the penguin’s face.

3. Cut out the face and a rectangle for the scarf. You can either sew or hot glue on these details. I decided to use hot glue because I didn’t want the stitching to show.

4. Place right sides facing together (you shouldn’t be able to see the penguin’s face!) and sew around both sides and the bottom.

5. With the bag still inside out, roll the top edge down 1 inch and stitch around the bottom of the edge. Use matching thread color, as you will be able to see these stitches when the bag is right side out.

6. Flip the bag right side out and cut two slits in the front center of casing. Thread the ribbon through the casing to create your drawstring! Check out this detailed tutorial if you need help with inserting a drawstring.

penguin bag complete edited

My favorite part about the holidays is making gifts for all my friends and sharing my creations with others. I hope you guys enjoy using your holiday crafting skills to make this quick project! Happy gifting ❤


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