DIY Hershey’s Kiss Costume Tutorial

My first installment of my Halloween costume series is a very cute, very fluffy Hershey’s Kiss bubble dress! Halloween is all about delicious candy, and what could be more girly and sweet than a Hershey’s Kiss?  I also know what a struggle it is to look both cute and warm during this holiday, so this dress is designed with multiple layers for warmth and can also be paired with leggings or long socks.  Because this is the most complicated tutorial of the series, I’m posting it first to give you guys enough time to get sewing!  

hershey's kiss materials

A lot of costume fabrics such as liquid lame (it’s a shiny, metallic fabric) and tulle are on sale right now in honor of Halloween! Make sure that you purchase stretchy fabric.  This is very important if you actually want to be able to put your costume on.  This tutorial teaches you how to make a dress completely from scratch; you’ll even learn how to draft your own pattern, which is not as scary as it may seem!

Bubble skirt Pattern

skirt pattern

To make the fluffy bubble skirt for this dress, you first need a pattern.  This first part teaches you how to make a basic quarter circle skirt pattern.  Basically, if you cut 4 pieces of this pattern, you’ll be able to make a circle skirt 🙂

1. Measure around where you want the top of the skirt to sit.  I wanted a baby doll look, so I measured halfway up my ribs. Divide this number by 6.28.  My measurement was 29 in, which divided by 6.28 gave me 4.6. This is the skirt radius.

2. Taking a measuring tape, measure out the skirt radius from the corner of a large sheet of paper and mark. Shift the measuring tape and mark again.  Continue to do this until you have dots that form a quarter circle. Connect the dots.

3. Determine how long you want your skirt to be. I decided on 19 in. Repeat the above step, but this time mark the skirt length from the corner of the paper.

Assembling the skirt

assembling skirt

1. Place the pattern you just made on fold and cut, leaving appropriate seam allowance. Make sure that the fabric stretches horizontally so that the waist of your skirt will be stretchy! Do this twice each for the outer fabric and the lining fabric. You should end up with 4 half-circles. If you find that you do not have enough continuous fabric, you can also cut 2 quarter-circles instead of 1 half-circle.

2. Place the outer fabric right sides together and sew along the horizontal cut. Repeat for the lining fabric. You should now have 2 full circles

3. Place the circles right sides together and sew all around the outer edge. Bubble skirt complete!

Adding Tulle


1. Take your tulle and fold it into thirds, then gather the fabric.  You can easily do this by hand, or you can set your sewing machine to the widest stitch setting and sew along the length of the tulle.  Then, pull on the bottom thread, and the tulle should gather.

2. Place the tulle between the outer fabric and lining fabric of the skirt

3. Add an elastic that is the same length as the top of the skirt. Mine was 29 in.  Attach this to the top of the skirt and the tulle using a zigzag stitch.


Bodice Pattern

tank top pattern

1. Take a well-fitting tank top and fold it in half. Line up the fold with the edge of your pattern paper, and trace around the tank top. Cut off the sleeves so you have a sleeveless neckline.

2. Cut out the pattern, and trim down the length to the desired length of the bodice.

Assembling the Bodice.

assembling bodice

1. Cut out 2 pieces of the bodice pattern each for the outer fabric and lining fabric. You should have 4 pieces.

2. Take 1 piece of the outer fabric and 1 piece of the lining fabric, and trim off the sweetheart neckline so you have 2 rectangles instead. This will be the back of the bodice. Face the pieces right sides together and sew along one edge.

3. If you want straps, cut out two 12 in strips of fabric. Fold each strip in half and sew along the edge, then turn right side out.

4. Take the bodice front piece of the outer fabric and place it right sides facing up. Position the straps so that they point inwards, and then place the front piece of the lining fabric on top, facing down. Sew along the sweetheart neckline.

5. Take the bodice front piece and back piece and face them right sides together. Make sure both are turned right sides out! Sew along the sides.

Attaching the Bodice and Skirt

attaching bodice and skirt

1. Turn the skirt inside out. Tuck the bodice inside the skirt, lining up the bottom edge of the bodice with the top edge of the skirt. As usual, right sides should be facing together 🙂

2. Pin and sew the two edges together using a zigzag stitch


hershey kiss headband

Of course, a Hershey’s Kiss wouldn’t be complete without the iconic white ribbon trailing from its peak. To make mine, I cut out a strip of white fabric and wrote “Hershey’s Kiss” repeatedly on it using blue highlighter. If you want to be really fancy, you can make a wire headband using this tutorial.

Optional Additions 😀

1. I gathered the front center of the dress, right at the dip of the sweetheart neckline.

2. If the dress is hard to slip on, add a zipper to the back.

3. My bodice ended up being a little tight, so I added some bows to the back to give it more stretching room. I can upload a tutorial if you guys want 🙂

This tutorial may be daunting for the beginner sew-er, but I promise that it’s well worth the effort!  If you want something more manageable, I’ve prepared some beginner friendly tutorials for the next few weeks.  Let me know if you have any costume requests 🙂


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