Gintama “Elizabeth” Snoodie

gintama elizabeth 2

This snoodie is probably one of the funniest and oddest things that I have ever made.  I made it in honor of a friend’s birthday, and it was inspired by one of her favorite characters, Elizabeth, from the anime Gintama.  I thought it would be funny if it looks like Elizabeth is eating your face when the hood is on, and the end result was an interesting snood hoodie 🙂

I’ve made numerous hoodies in the past, but because I wanted to hood opening to double as Elizabeth’s mouth, I had to alter my usual pattern.  I had to make a snood hoodie, which has a longer neck than a regular hoodie and opens up differently.  It was a bit of a challenge experimenting with the right pattern.


It took a lot of trial and error before I had a hood I was satisfied with.  I then sewed on a yellow border for the beak, making sure to taper the beak at the corners of the mouth.


I completed the hood by stitching on Elizabeth’s eyes. Wow. These were some scary looking eyes! I was finishing this up around midnight and all I could think about was terrifying clown faces…


For whatever reason, I made a lot of mistakes during this project and ended up with countless ripped seams! It was frustrating, but I was fairly pleased with the result. It actually looks as though Elizabeth is swallowing my face! 😀


Best of all, my friend loved it and is planning on wearing it to her next Anime Con! Because she goes to school across the country, I only see her a few times a year.  I visited her school this past weekend and was able to give her the present in person 🙂 Her happiness made all those annoying and frustrating ripped seams worth it ❤

photo (2)

Happy (belated) birthday, Ashy!



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