Moon Festival DIY: Bunny Plush and Moon Cake Plush

Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival! For those of you who don’t know, the Moon Festival is celebrated during the first full moon of September and is a time to appreciate family and eat delicious foods. In honor of this holiday, this tutorial teaches you how to make a white bunny plush and a moon cake plush! Legend has it that an immortal lady lives on the moon with only her white rabbit for company, and moon cakes are traditional and delicious way to celebrate this festival. They can be savory or sweet, and my September memories always involve eating way too many of these treats 🙂

moon festival materials

This is a very simple tutorial that can be done completely by hand. Hurray for no sewing machines!

Bunny Plush Tutorial

1. Cut out the pieces. You’ll need one half circle, two quarter circles, and one full circle for the body.  You’ll need four long oval pieces for the ears.



1. Fold the half circle piece in half, and cut out a triangular dart

2. Sew along the cut line

3. Sew on the bunny’s cute little face.  I used two small circles of black fleece, and I crossed two stitches for the nose.

bunny face


1. Sew together the quarter circles along one edge

2. Place the ear pieces together, right sides facing inward and sew all around the curved edges. Flip right side out after sewing.

3. Sandwich the ears between the back piece and the front piece, right sides facing inwards.  Sew along the curve.

bunny head

Final Steps

1. Sew the top half-sphere onto the circle piece, right sides facing together. Leave a gap for stuffing!

2. Turn everything right side out and stuff the bunny. I’m using fabric scraps because I’m cheap, but cotton stuffing works as well 🙂

3. Close the gap using a blind stitch

bunny body

Details (optional, but they add a nice touch!)

8. If you want the bunny to be a keychain, sew on a thread. I’m using red embroidery thread.

9. To give the bunny rosy cheeks, dab a little bit of blush or crushed up chalk on the fabric.

bunny details

You’re simple bunny plushie is now complete! ❤

bunny complete 2

Moon Cake Plush Tutorial

1. Cut out the pieces. You’ll need two circles and a rectangle as long as the diameter of the circles (remember middle school geometry? You’re making a cylinder). I just wrapped the fabric around the edges of the circles to get the right length.


1. I gave my moon cake a scalloped border around a waning yellow moon. You’ll simply want to top stitch the design onto one of the circles.

mooncake design

Putting the Cake Together

1. Sew together the ends of the rectangle

2. Sew the first circle to the rectangle, right sides facing inwards, seams facing out.

3. Sew the second circle to the rectangle, leaving a gap so you can turn it right side out

mooncake put together

Final Steps

1. After turning the plush right side out, stuff the moon cake using fabric scraps or whatever you please.

2. Close the gap using a blind stitch.

mooncake stuff

Your bunny will now have a cute little moon cake to nom on 🙂

moon festival done


For those of you celebrating this holiday, I hope your day is full of family, fun, and deliciously sticky moon cakes.  And for those of you who don’t celebrate this holiday, I still hope you’ll still give your loved ones a hug and enjoy the beauty of an autumn moon 🙂


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