DIY Wire Headband

Bunny, bunny , bunny ears! This cute wire headband can be twisted into adorable bunny ears or a simple bow.  I love how it easily dresses up a hairstyle and adds a unique and personalized touch.  It’s very retro, very girly, and quite a simple DIY.  The project takes about 30 minutes total, and it is a fun way to use up old fabric scraps 🙂

headband ok

This is my third and final installment in my back-to-school hair accessory series.  You can also learn how to make rose petal bobby pins and a hair scrunchie.

wire headband tutorial edited

1. Cut the fabric – Cut out a 24 in by 3 in strip of fabric.

2. Trim the ends – Trim off the corners at each end of the fabric strip.  This will create a pointed, bunny-ear shape.

3. Sew around – Sew around the edges of the fabric strip.  Make sure to leave a space unsewn, or else you won’t be able to turn the headband right side out! I have to admit, I’ve done this quite a few times ^^

4. Insert wire – After turning the headband right side out, measure out a length of wire that is twice as long as the headband.  Fold it in half and twist the loose ends together. Insert it into the headband through the gap.

5. Close the gap – Sew together the gap using a blind stitch by making parallel, horizontal stitches.  Click here if you need help with a blind stitch; it’s such a simple and clean way to close a seam!

6. Encase the wire – This step is optional, but you can secure the wire to prevent it from moving around when you twist the headband.  Press the wire into the seam and sew right next to the wire.  This creates a casing for the wire and helps it from getting tangled.

headband polaroid

All done! I like to wear my headband with a fluffy sock bun or a curly ponytail.  What do you think about this headband? Would you actually rock these bunny ears in public?



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