Hamtaro Beanie

hamtaro beanie

Do you have those friends that remind you of certain animals?  Like you just know what their spirit animal is, even though they refuse to accept it? I have one friend who is just so small and cute and reminds me of Hamtaro the Hamster (and he constantly denies it).  In honor of his birthday this past week, I made him a Hamtaro beanie.  It’s warm and fuzzy and perfectly captures his cuteness 🙂 If you’d like to make your own, it is very similar to this Totoro beanie and this penguin beanie, which I have previously uploaded as tutorials.


Hamtaro has really big, shiny eyes that are overflowing with adorable charm, so I started his face by handsewing on huge fleece eyes.  I find that small details are much easier to sew on by hand, since you have more control.

IMG_2950After the eyes, I embroidered on a small mouth and whiskers.  I’ve gotten much faster at embroidery with practice.  I finished off the face with a teeny tiny pink nose.


I tried to make the beanie seem as adorable as possible, just like my friend!  He also has messy red hair that looks remarkably like Hamtaro’s orange fur.


Hamtaro is everyone’s favorite little hamster, just like my friend is my favorite little hamster.  My friend is a little hamster with big dreams, and I can only wish him the happiest of years to come.  I love being able to share my sewing with my friends; seeing them enjoy my creations makes me feel ridiculously warm and fuzzy inside ❤


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