“Talk Music to Me” Jacket

piano hoodie cover edited

After a month of being overseas, I am finally able to get back and start sewing again! My first project of the summer is a white zip-up hoodie with a piano design on the back.  It is quite similar to this hoodie I made a few months ago, but I made a few improvements this time around.  

One of the problems with my previous hoodie was a lack of stretchy material around the waist and ends of the sleeves, which made it difficult to take on and off.  This time I added some stretch knit to the waist and sleeves, which ended up being both a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition 🙂image

I also added a zipper this time around.  The first time around, I accidentally sewed the front of the jacket to the back when I added the zipper.  Oops!


The theme of this jacket was piano and music, since I made it for a friend who is a pianist.image_3

I embroidered a little treble clef and bass clef on the hoodie strings; I love sewing on small details to make my projects unique!image_1

From start to finish, the project took about 5 hours, and it made a great birthday gift 🙂



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