Hamtaro Beanie

hamtaro beanie

Do you have those friends that remind you of certain animals?  Like you just know what their spirit animal is, even though they refuse to accept it? I have one friend who is just so small and cute and reminds me of Hamtaro the Hamster (and he constantly denies it).  In honor of his birthday this past week, I made him a Hamtaro beanie.  It’s warm and fuzzy and perfectly captures his cuteness 🙂  Continue reading


DIY Hair Scrunchie

hair scrunchie cover

Got a few extra fabrics scraps lying around? Try out it this simple hair scrunchie DIY! It’s a cute way to dress up any ponytail 🙂 Continue reading

DIY Rose Petal Bobby Pins

rose pin cover outlined

These no-sew bobby pins are a classy and cute way to dress up any hair style. I was inspired by a set of pins I saw online for $45, which is sadly too expensive for anything that will go in my hair.  It’s so much easier and cheaper just to make them yourself! Best of all, they take less than 10 minutes to make 🙂 Continue reading

DIY Wear 3 Ways Kimono

pinterest 3 edited

This tutorial teaches you how to make a simple kimono that can be worn in three different ways. Wear it one way, and you have a long, knee length kimono with short sleeves. Wear it a second way, and you have a long-sleeved bat wing cardigan. Tie it in the front, and you have a casual, loose tied top. It’s versatile, and best of all, it’s a quick and easy DIY! It works great both as a cover up for summer crop tops and bathing suits as well as a transition piece with leggings and jeans in the fall. You’ll need a one yard of a loose, flowy fabric. An old scarf works great as well! Continue reading

Jean Upcycle: DIY High-Waisted Shorts

diy shorts cover edited

As August rolls around, it’s definitely still crop top and shorts weather where I’m living.  A nice pair of high-waisted shorts can be pretty pricey- so why not make your own? All you need is a pair of old jeans, which you can find in  your closet or your local thrift store.  This project can be as simple or as intricate as your creativity desires. In this tutorial, I make a pair of distressed, high-waisted shorts with lace pockets. It can also be worn in two different way! It’s cute, girly, summery, and definitely something you won’t be able to find in stores 🙂  Continue reading

“Talk Music to Me” Jacket

piano hoodie cover edited

After a month of being overseas, I am finally able to get back and start sewing again! My first project of the summer is a white zip-up hoodie with a piano design on the back.  It is quite similar to this hoodie I made a few months ago, but I made a few improvements this time around.   Continue reading