The College Crafter: Obtaining Fabric

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For anyone who has ever lived in a college dorm, you understand just how hard it is to go shopping off campus.  For me, a trip to Walmart is a carefully planned, whole day event; a trip to a fabric store is way more complicated!  Fabric is also pretty expensive, which my college budget can’t handle. Over this year, I’ve come up with some tips for obtaining materials when living that college life.

college fabric table

  1. Amazon Prime– Any student has to know the wonders of Amazon Prime, which offers a free 6 month trial with a college email address.
    • Cost: Not really your cheapest option, but there can be some decent deals if you take the time to look.
    • Selection: Average. Pretty good if you’re looking for standard prints, but there won’t be anything too unique.
    • Shipping: Amazon Prime offers free two day shipping, which is absolutely amazing.  It can make up for the cost and limited selection because it ensures that you won’t be waiting around to start your next project.
  2. Hancocks and Joanns–  These popular crafts stores also have online retail sites. Useful for when you can’t go to the store in person.
    • Cost: Definitely not the cheapest, especially if you’re a college student on a budget. However, there is usually always some sort of weekly special, such as a 40% off coupon. There is also always a sale section worth checking out.
    • Selection: A good selection, with many different prints and textures. Similar to what you would find in-store.
    • Shipping: Unless there is some sort of special, shipping is not included.  Therefore it’s not really worth it to buy just one yard of fabric. Shipping time also takes quite a while.
  3. Etsy– This online venue has independent sellers that sell various handmade goods and craft supplies, including fabric.
    • Cost: Varies depending on the vendor.  There are definitely good deals available if you search through the sellers!
    • Selection: Undeniably huge selection of very cute, very unique fabric. I love using Etsy when I want to make a standout project because I know the fabric there can’t be found anywhere else.
    • Shipping: Shipping depends on the seller, and shipping costs vary.  Sellers will usually offer cheaper shipping options if more than one item is purchased.  Shipping time can also vary, since some sellers are international.  Good communication with the vendor is key to making sure you receive your shipment in a timely fashion!
  4. Hoarding– Whenever there is a sale and you are able to reach a store, buy everything you think you could need.
    • Cost: Cheap, because in-store sales are great and there are no shipping costs.
    • Selection: Depending on the store and the type of sale, there is usually always a solid selection to choose from.
    • Shipping: technically there is no shipping, but it can be hard to transport fabric to your dorm.  When I got back from winter break, I actually had once suitcase that held only fabric.  It was a hassle to transport, but it was such a good deal!

3 thoughts on “The College Crafter: Obtaining Fabric

  1. Great info to know! Not that you asked, but has some good cheap sales and a huge selection. Keepsake Quilting and Nancy’s Notions have pretty good sales on fabric and great customer service. Nancy Zieman’s web site also has coupons and limited-time specials like free shipping, etc. Hawthorne Fabrics web site has a giveaway every week that comes in their eye-candy email newsletter: I always enter, hoping eternally, but as of yet I haven’t won it. Happy hoarding!


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