DIY Hair Bow

hair bow cover

Hair bows are cute and simple accessories that can be made by hand in a few minutes. They are a great way to use up some leftover fabric scraps!

materials collage

I used a music print cotton fabric and a sheer black chiffon fabric.  I thought the contrast in textures was nice variety 🙂

lettered compiled tutorial


  1. Cut out a rectangular strip of cloth that is twice as long as you want your bow to be and about an inch wider than you want your bow to be. Make sure to leave room for seam allowance.
  2. Fold in the top and bottom edges and hem.
  3. Fold the hemmed rectangle in half, right sides facing in. Sew along the vertical edge and then turn right side out.
  4. To make the center piece, cut out a small, skinny rectangle. Fold and sew along one edge and turn right side out. You can use the same fabric as the bow, but I decided to use black fabric to provide more contrast.
  5. Wrap the center piece around the bow rectangle and pinch. The tighter you pinch, the more narrow the center will be. Sew along the pinch.
  6. Trim off excess fabric and turn the center piece so that the seam faces toward the bow. Adjust the bow as desired.

And that’s it! To make the bow into a hair accessory, I like to slip in a bobby pin into the center piece of fabric. If you’d like, you can hot glue the bow onto a clip.  What I like best about these hair bows is that they are so much more unique than anything you can find in a store!  You can use all sorts of different fabrics and patterns to create different versions of the basic designs.


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