DIY Macaron Cat Plush Tutorial

coverThis design was inspired by the cuteness of kittens and the cuteness of macarons… combined they make a meowcaron!  These cute animals can be used as keychain charms, pin cushions, or gifts. This simple design can be made by hand or with a machine.materials final


The Ears

  1. Cut out the pattern pieces
  2. Sew up two sides of the triangle, right sides facing in
  3. Turn rightside out so that the seams are facing inward

ears The Head

  1. Cut out the pattern pieces, making sure to cut out the dart. The dart is the triangle portion cut out of the head piece. Darts help the head be three-dimensional instead of flat.
  2. Fold the each piece in half and sew across the dart.
  3. Create a face! This can be done however you like.  I chose to use fabric circles for the eyes and embroidered on the mouth for better control.

face After the Ears and Head are complete, sew them together.  Place them right sides together with the ears in between and facing inwards.  Sew around, and make sure to leave a hole so it can be turned right side out and stuffed.

The Body

  1. Sew the top seam of the stomach pieces together in a straight stitch
  2. Match the completed stomach piece to the side pieces and sew along all edges.  Make sure right sides are facing inwards.  This means that the seam where the two stomach pieces were joined will be facing outwards! Leave a hole where the head of the cat will be.

body Attach and Complete the Cat

  1. Stuff the body and head using stuffing of some sort.  I personally used fabric scraps, but stuffed animal stuffing would work as well! Close openings after stuffing.
  2. Attach the head to the body.

Need help closing and attaching neatly? Check out this post. stuff, close, attach Macaron shell

  1. Attach the triangles to each other by sewing straight up each side. You should have a tent-like circle afterwards.
  2. Place the trim piece on top of the base piece.  Then place the “tent” piece on top of both these pieces.  Make sure that right sides are facing inwards. Sew around, making sure to leave a hole so that it can be turned rightside out.
  3. Stuff and then close the opening.

macaroon Attach All Pieces

  1. Place all the pieces together and sew them together

attach everythingAnd you’re done! This is just the basic design of the meowcaron.  I added strawberry slices along the side and garnished the top with a leaf. Be creative in your meowcaron design!


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